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Date: Nov. 2003

Hollywood Studios successfully launches a new corporate website. Our new site offers description of all services we provide to digital producers.

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"We've abandoned film forever. You can't go back. It's like trying to go back to vinyl after you've got recordable DVD. It makes no sense."
Hollywood Studios, Inc. offers studio facilities, production services, animation, equipment special effect solutions. We have capacity to accommodate any size digital production.

We provide customers with a complete solution to their entire digital video production. Our digital studio rates, production services and digital effects are affordable to any producer/filmmaker.

After reviewing your production needs we can quote you for the services that we can provide.The next step is to choose the right equipment that you will be using.

Before launching your digital production we advise you to get a consultation from our digital production manager. We can help you make sure your movie or commercial becomes a success!

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3D Graphics & Animation

New millennium is brining new 3d animation technology that allows us to complete your animation projects faster and much cheaper. You only have to imagine something as it will appear on the graphic designer's monitor.


Free Consultation

Simply submit your contact information and one of our representatives will give
you a call or contact you via email. Provide a good description of your website needs and design specifics.


Special Effects

Your digital video may need professional digital editing and digital effects. Let our editors create the effects you desire.


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